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crankshaft locking tool

Crankshaft Locking Pin - Ford 2.2/3.2TDCI (AHC)


Designed to lock the crankshaft via the flywheen in its "timed" position when replacing the camshaft drive chain or for checking the engine timing.

Camshaft Locking Tool (6-20)


This component part is used for locking the camshaft in place whilst changing the cam belt. It has OEM numbers T10016 and T10074 allocated. Essential tool for VAG petrol engines from 1996 onwards.

Crankshaft Holding Tool - ford trans (AHC)


Hand held crankshaft holding tool with a specially designed head profile which permits access via a deep socket (not supplied) to each of the pulley bolts in turn OEM Ref 303-1310

Balance Shaft Locking Kit - Ford, JLR (ahc)


A specialist locking and holding tool kit for the balance shafts fitted to the engines listed. Some engines require the removal and or checking of the balance shaft assembly for which these tools are required.

Camshaft Locking Tool - VAG (AHC)


Applications: VAG models with 3 cylinder engines 4v 1.0litre 2012 onwards

Crankshaft Locking Tool Volkswagen [AHC]


This tool is for the later type pulley, but it is not exclusive to the 2.0 litre (06 on). T10100 will be applicable to many earlier 1.9 TDI engines as well (Polo, 2003, ASZ is an earlier example)

Engine Timing Set - Fiat 1.6 16v (AHC)


Engine timing locking set for Brava | Bravo | Coupé | Marea | Marea Weekend | Tipo | Stilo 1.6 12v | 16v with engine codes: 182 A4.000, 182 A6.000, 182 B6.000. The tensioning tool includes the facility to interchange the connection screw from M8 to M10 as introduced on models from 2000 onwards.