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Digital Micrometer (6-20)


Electronic digital micrometer for precision measurements Range 0-25mm (0-1")

Camshaft Installation and Timing Tool Set - Volvo (AHC)


For cam replacements and head rebuilds on Volvo and Ford 2.5 ST engines. Contains all the tools to make cylinder head rebuild easier and faster Equivalent to Volvo OEM 999 5454, 999 5452, 999 5453, 999 5451 and Ford OEM 303-1178, 303-1182 Fitted to Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70, V70. 960, S90, S60,

Hub Nut Socket 115mm Daf/Volvo (6-20)


For Commercial vehicles fitted with rear Disc Brakes 1"D x 115mm x 6 sided socket. Chrome Molybdenum. Black phosphate finish. Fits rear hub nuts on Daf CF-XF and Volvo FH vehicles.

Engine Crankshaft Rotator 24mm (AHC)


Allows the engine crank to be rotated manually 6 point drive x 24mm Applications: DAF trucks, 65CF, 75CF, 85CF, 95XF, CF75, CF85, F65, F75, F85, F95, XF95 Ideal for adjustment to the engine 55mm (L) x 90mm (H) x 40mm diam, 11 teeth

Flywheel Turning Tool 1/2"D - (Crankshaft Rotator 1/2"D - Volvo) (6-20)


Equivalent to OEM 88800014 Applications: HGV Volvo/Renault For MP8, MP10 (FH,D13a 520) engines ID 19mm x ED 38.8mm, 71mm (H), 26mm Hex 1/2"D

Blower Motor Tool - Volvo/JLR (AHC)


Application: Volvo S60/S60 Cross Country, S60L, S80, S80L, V60, V60 Cross Country, V70, XC60, XC70 Plus: Land Rover Freelander 2 (2.0lit 2006-2014) Range Rover and Evoque (2008<) Equivalent to Volvo OEM 9997284 and Land Rover OEM 412-140

Volvo Assorted Trim Clips 350pc (AHA)


Assorted Box Trim Clips for Volvo 12 Popular Application clips 350 Pce.

Engine Crank Rotator {AHc}


Allows the engine crankshaft to be manually adjusted Applications: Volvo 6Lt and 12Lt engines: Codes D9A, D12, D16C and FM 360 8x4 Equilavent to Volvo OEM 9996956 Adjusting screw in the clutch housing.

LARGE KIT Engine Timing Tool - VAG 2.5D (AHC)


Applications: Volkswagen Touareg and Transporter. Engine codes AXE | AXD | BAC | BLK | BLJ | BNZ | BPC | BPE | BPD. Supplied in metal storage case. 2.5 Tdi PD

Crankshaft Holding Tool Volvo LASER 5197 (AHC)


Crankshaft pulley holding tool. For use on Volvo S40 | V40 | V50 | XC90 | XC70 | S70 | V70 | S60 | S80 | C30 | C70. OEM 303-1179 Manufactured from Selected steel

Timing Tool Set (3096 Updated) - Ford (AHC)


This new camshaft setting bar updates the existing 3096 and is suitable for all the applications Also included in the kit is 303-748 (21-259) for Focus/C-Max 1.6, 1.4/1.6 and Fiesta/Fusion 1.2/1.4/1.6 Also used on Volvo models with 1.8/2.0 CHAIN engines

Engine Timing Tools - Renault 2.0 16v (AHC)


Timing tool set for Renault 16v engines. Includes camshaft setting tool, tensioning tool for auxiliary drive belt and crankshaft TDC timing pin for: Laguna | Safrane 2.0 | 2.5 16v 1996-2001 engines.

Tensioner Wrench (AHC)


To adjust the tension of the timing belt after the belt has been fitted Suitable for a range of vehicles - Hyundai/Proton/Mitsubishi/Volvo 2 piece OEM Ref C018 MD998767 999 5709 999-5709 09244-2800 OEM ref MD998767 999 5709, 09244-28000 Made in the United Kingdom Timing Tool for Belt Driven En