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Tool Trays & Inserts

Laser Tools Racing Sport Bag


A quality leather sports bag with the Laser Tools Racing logo. Strong comfortable brown handles

Tool Tray with Ratchet Crimper & 325 Assorted Insulated Terminal Set (AHA)


TBT16 Contents: Ratchet Crimper, 325 Assorted Insulated Terminals; Male Blade Blue 6.3mm Size 16-14 (x50), Female Blade Blue 6.3mm Size 16-14 (x50), Butt Red Size 22-16 (x25), Butt Blue Size 16-14 (x25), Ring Blue 3mm Size 16-14 (x50), Ring Blue 5mm Size 16-14 (x50), Male Bullet Blue Size 16-14 (x

Tool Tray with Locking Pliers & Adjustable Wrench Set 4pc (AHC)


tool trays. Designed to fit the AP24 Topchest, Rollcab and Workstation range and a selection from our Superline PRO® range, these trays are available in over 30 different configurations.

Tool Tray with Circlip Pliers Set 4pc(AHA)


del No: TBT03 Contents: Bent-External; Ø1.5mm Tip - 10-40mm Capacity, Straight-External; Ø1.5mm Tip - 10-40mm Capacity, Bent-Internal; Ø1.5mm Tip - 12-65mm Capacity, Straight-Internal; Ø1.5mm Tip - 12-65mm Capacity Tray Size (W x D x H): 176.5 x 397 x 55mm