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Spring Compressors

Expert 55-175mm Universal Valve Spring Compressor (AHA)


Expert Quality, plastic coated locking handles to keep valve springs positively compressed during work. Suitable for use on most engines due to double-ended valve cup. Unique double action lever cams actio

Top Suspension Mount Tool - Volkswagen (AHA)


specially designed tool for use when removing/replacing the top Macpherson strut suspension mount found on vehicles across the VAG range.

Valve Spring Compressor Lever Type OHV/OHC (ahc)


Suitable for the replacement of valve springs and valve stem oil seals without the need to remove the cylinder head.

Valve Spring Compressor - Large (Ahc)


This 'C' type Valve spring compressor is suitable for small to medium engines and has a 150mm throat clearance | 70-135 jaw opening. Adjustable collet release adaptors - 25 and 40mm.