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General Hand Tools

This range includes all pliers ,screwdrivers, hammers and all basic hand tools

Smoothing Plane (AHC)


Fitted with a fully adjustable 50mm wide steel blade, that’s hardened, tempered and fully ground for delivering a professional finish to the work piece.

Track Rod Removal Tool Kit (4 Piece) (AHA)


Track rod arm length 350mm Interchangeable head sizes 30-35, 35-40 and 40-45mm

Torque Wrench (1/4" Square Drive) (AHA)


Easy to use torque wrench essential for precision work, this universal, easy to use torque wrench is ideal for many everyday applications. The click-type operation and micrometer adjustment allow the user to apply the correct tension when required, providing easy and accurate use. The torque value r

Screw Extractor Set (5 Piece)---(AHA)


one each of size: 1 (3-6mm), 2 (6-8mm), 3 (8-11mm), 4 (11-14mm) and 5 (14-18mm).