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Glow Plug Connector Pliers - Diesel Engines (ahc)


Designed to remove hard to reach glow plugs connectors Prevents damage Angled at 90 degrees for access Soft grip handles with thumb restraints Suitable for diesel engines for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen

Diesel Injector Nozzle Tester (AHC)


Helps to test Diesel Injectors for opening pressure and leakage spray pattern. Plastic transparent tank. Two connecting pipes M12 & M14. Clear display. Measures in lbs/sq inch.

Diesel Injection Pump Puller (ahcc)


Specifically designed for holding the sprocket/chain in place when disassembling the VP44 Injection pump and high pressure pump common rail. BMW engines M47 | M47T2 | M47TU | M57 | M57TU on BMW 318D | 320D (E46) 1988-2005 and 318TD | 320TD | 525D | 530D | 530 | 535 (E60-E61) 2000-2006.