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Rear Hub Bush Tool Kit - BMW 1/3 Series (CC)


Developed to remove and refit the rear outer suspension joint fitted to the camber control arm and the track control arm bush found on the BMW 1 & 3 series models.

Diesel Engine Timing Kit - BMW Mini Diesel (AHCC)


Applications: Mini W16D (9HZ) and W16D 16UO, Mini Clubman 07-10 (chassis R55 | 56 | 57)1.6 diesels. Also suitable for Citroën 1.6 diesels in C2 | Xsara Picasso | C4 | C5 | C4 Picasso | Grand Picasso | Berlingo. Plus Peugeot 1007 | 206 | 307 | 207 | 308 | Partner Mk3.

Balancer Shaft Removal/Alignment Kit BMW (AHCC)


Application: Mini Clubman 2015 to 2017,Mini Convertible 2016 to 2017,Mini Clubman 2015 to 2017, BMW 1&3 Series 2015 to 2017, 2 Series 2014 to 2017, X1 2015 to 2017, i8 2015 to 2017 Engine codes B37 diesel engines, B38 petrol engines Equivalent to OEM 2 288 943, 2 288 942 & 2 358 646 (use

Timing Chain Kit - BMW-Mini 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3,0 Petrol (AHCC)


Application: BMW 1 Series 2014-2017, 2 Series 2015- 2017, 3 Series 2014-2017, 4 Series 2015-2017, 7 Series 2015-2017, i8 2012-2017, X1 2014-2017, Mini Clubman, Hatch, Convertible 2015-2017 Engine Applications: B38, (1.2ltr & 1.5ltr) B48, (2.0ltr), B58 (3.0ltr) Equivalent to OEM tools: 2 358

Camshaft Drive Chain Wear Indicator - BMW/Mini (AHCC)


Application: Mini Clubman, Club Van, Countryman, Coupe, Paceman and Roadster with 1.4 and 1.6lt engines. Equivalent to OEM 2 353 281 Used to measure the amount of Chain stretch without dismantling the whole engine. Also useful on equivalent PSA engines. Engine codes: N12 B14AB, N12 B14, N12 816A,

Engine Timing Tool Kit - BMW (AHC)


An engine timing tool kit specifically introduced for the current generation of BMW 2.0 diesel engines. Applications include BMW 2.0 N47 | N47S (2007-2010). Also Mini Countryman,

Timing Chain Locking Kit PSA/BMW 1.4/1.6 Petrol (AHA)


Timing chain locking kit PSA/BMW 1.4/1.6 petrol covers N12/N13/N14/N18/EP3/EP6 engine codes

Crankshaft Holding Tool - BMW (AHA)


Applications: BMW N47 and N57 1.6/2.0/3.0 Diesel Engines Equivalent to OEM 11 4 320 & 83 30 2 318 429 Use with Laser Part No 5196

BMW Assorted Trim Clips 290pc (AHA)


Assorted Box of Trim Clips for BMW 6 popular application clips Box Qty 290 pces.

Balance Shaft Alignment Tool - BMW B47/B48/N47 (AHA)


Designed to lock the balance shafts in the correct timed position during engine rebuild. Covers N47, B47 and B48 engines

Spark Plug Socket - 14mm 3/8"D (AHA)


Suitable for spark plugs with 12pt profile on BMW vehicles: 1 Series (E81/E87-N43B), 3 Series (E90-N43B) and 5 Series (E60-N43B)

Fuel Pump Removal Tool BMW (AHC)


This fuel pump removal tool is a stand alone tool that does not require an additional puller. For use on 1 | 3 | 5 Series and X1 | X3 with N47 2.0D chain driven engines

5166 Flywheel Locking Pins - BMW


Upgrade pins for Laser Part No 3577 OEM Ref 11 5 180 and 11 6 080 •Upgrade kit for laser kit 3577 •Application: Engine code 20 4D 4 on 2.0 4 cylinder diesel engines fitted to 1/3/ series/X3 •Engine ref E81/82/87/88/46/60/61/83/90/91/92/93/65/66/53/70/71/72 •Application: Engine code 30 6D 2/3/4/5

Impact Diesel Injector Remover VAG (ah)c)


This specialist kit is designed primarily for removing tight diesel injectors from Volkswagen engines. Due to the build up of carbon the injectors can become seized and difficult to remove. The first step is to use an open ended spanner on the flat part of the injector body to turn and using gentle

Fuel Sensor Lock Tool - BMW /BMW Min (AHA)


For BMW and Mini Cooper models (1988-2011). Required for access to the fuel filter An essential tool for removing the Fuel Level Sensor Lock Ring on BMW and BMW Mini.

Timing Tool Kit BMW Mini Cooper (AHC)


This new tool set enables the correct valve timing on these popular 1.4/1.6 valvetronic petrol engines with codes N12.

Engine Timing Tool BMW Mini 1.6 / psa 1.6 chain engine (ahc)


Also suitable for Citroën C4 and Peugeot 207/308 with engine codes EP6 DT/DTS.

Injection Pump Puller (5-20)


A special diesel injection pump puller for BMW | Land Rover | Vauxhall/Opel vehicles with 2.5 TDS engines.

Timing Tool Set BMW 1.6 N40/N45T-- (AHCC)


Applications: 116i E81/E87 | 316i E46/E40 | 316Ci/316Ti E46. Engine codes N40 | N45 | N45T. Chain engines.

Petrol Engine Setting/Locking Kit - BMW N42/N46 - Chain Drive (AHA)


Suitable for setting and adjusting the timing on N42 and N46 engines with the Valvetronic system. Also includes tools to align the twin Vanos unit.

Diesel Engine Timing Kit - BMW, Land Rover Vauxhall/Opel 1.8/2.5- Chain Drive (AH)


Diesel Engine Timing/Pump Removal Kit - BMW, Land Rover, Vauxhall/Opel - 1.7D, 2.5D Turbo - M41, M51 - Chain Drive

Timing Kit Vanos Spanner - BMW Twin Cam (CC)


Used when removing and refitting the single Vanos unit on the inlet camshaft.

Serpentine Belt Tool Kit - BMW Mini (CC)


This Mini service kit comprises of the serpentine belt tools required to remove and fit the auxiliary drive belts

Engine Timing Tool Set BMW (ahcc)


Setting and locking set for BMW Vanos engines. Includes set-up bracket to time camshafts, 2 chain tensioner locking pins, secondary sprocket, Vanos checking and primary chain pre-tension tools. Applications: BMW 528i, X5, E46, Z3, Z4, 325, 525 with M52, M54 and M56 engines

Timing Tool Kit For BMW Mini COOPER PETROL (AHC)


Engine Timing Tool Kit for BMW Mini One 2001-06(W10B16AA), Mini Cooper 2001-06 (W10B16BA) and Mini Cooper S 2002-06 (W11B16AA). Set includes Camshaft Sprocket Holding Tool (OEM 11 8 250), Engine Support Bracket (OEM 11 8 370) and Tensioner Assembly Tool (OEM 11 8 240).

Diesel Injection Pump Puller (ahcc)


Specifically designed for holding the sprocket/chain in place when disassembling the VP44 Injection pump and high pressure pump common rail. BMW engines M47 | M47T2 | M47TU | M57 | M57TU on BMW 318D | 320D (E46) 1988-2005 and 318TD | 320TD | 525D | 530D | 530 | 535 (E60-E61) 2000-2006.

Timing Tool Kit - BMW/Land Rover/GM .(ahc)


Specifically designed for the 2.5 TDS diesel engines used on BMW, Land Rover and Rove

Engine Timing Tools - BMW / Rover [ahc)


This set enables the correct timing to be made when servicing the BMW M47 2.0 16 engines

Diesel Fuel Pump Timing kit (AHC]


Timing tool for Bosch VE type fuel pumps and compatible pumps manufactured by Kikki and Nippon Denso Small diameter dial to allow easy access to obstructed pumps Dial Test Indicator 41 x 8mm Threaded sizes M8, M10, M1