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Windscreen and Body Tools

Door Handle Remover (AHC)


Simple tool for griping and rotating door handles Avoid damage to the fascia panel Specially designed


Dent Puller (AHA)


Lifting capacity 50kg. Double handle creates suction. Can also be used as a glass positioner. Powerful grip vacuum


Spot Weld Cutter (AHC)


1/4" drive suitable for electric drills. Additional Information 1/4" Hex drive Hardened steel Double sided 3/8" cutting blade Spring loaded centre Length of Tool 73.24mm


Wiper Arm Puller Set (AHA)


Supplied with 2 sets of adjustable legs. Applications: Audi | BMW | Chevrolet | Daewoo | Chrysler-Jeep | Citroën | Fiat | Ford | Honda Hyundai | KIA | Land Rover | Mazda | MG-Rover | Nissan | Peugeot | Porsche | Volkswagen | MAN | MB | Scania. Suitable for numerous makes and models including comme


Slide Hammer 10lb (aha)


This robust Slide Hammer with 5/8" UNF thread and 10lb of force can be used with a variety of tools and for many applications including the removal of stubborn diesel injectors etc. Useful with Laser's Diesel Injector Set (Part No 4760).


Emergency Car Opening Kit (AHA)


Model No: EC95 Contents: Window Wedges, Strip Type Catches, Wire Catches, Plastic Knob Catch, Fuel Cap Keys