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Timing Tools And Locking Tools

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Diesel Timing Kit VW/Audi [AHC]


Set includes setting spigot OEM ref. 23-047/2064. Setting bracket OEM ref. 21-105/2065A. For use on VAG models. Also Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDI (95-00


Diesel Timing & Locking Tool Kit (AHC)


A good starter engine timing tool kit for older diesel engines A selection of setting pins and locking screws OEM reference and application list included


Dial Test Indicator [AHC[


41mm diameter x 0-8mm x 0.01mm Precision tool For checking the TDC on diesel engines Also useful for checking run out on brake discs Mounts directly onto the TDC Indicator (4151) to give an accurate reading f


Pulley Locking Tool (AHC)


Suitable for alternators. Plus water pumps. Also useful for rotating camshafts. Removes and locks any grooved 'V' type belt pulley. Can be used on tooth pulleys without damage.


Twin Camshaft Holding Bracket - VAG (AHCC)


This camshaft locking strap will hold the twin cams in place in the following Audi vehicles with AGA/ Audi, A4 2.4/2.8 -1997-2001 A6 2.4 - 1997-2001 A6 2.8 - 1997-2001 A8 2.8 - 1997-2001 S4 2.7 Turbo - 1997-2001 And Volkswagen with ACK, ALG, APR, AQD.


Tensioning Tool For Renault (AHC)


Specially designed to handle clockwise and anti-clockwise. Holds cam shaft while changing the timing belt.


Top Dead Centre Indicator - Italian ahc)


For Italian cars For deep seated spark plug holes (14mm) Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia OEM Code 1 860 895 000/1 895 879 000 Also used on Ferrari engines


Engine Timing Tools - BMW / Rover [ahc)


This set enables the correct timing to be made when servicing the BMW M47 2.0 16 engines


Engine Timing Tools - GM (ahc)


post in 1 hour This set of tools enables the correct timing to be made when servicing the Vauxhall/Opel chain engines fitted to Vauxhall Agila and Corsa with 1.0 12v X10XE and 1.2 16v X12XE engines.


Engine Timing Tools - GM [AHC]


Vauxhall/Opel Ecotec 2.0 engines fitted to Vectra-B, Sintra, Zafira, Frontera-B models. Also suitable for use on Saab 9-3/9-5 with 2.2D Turbo. OEM Code No: Saab 83 95 394/337/352/386. Metal case available - Part No 4536


Cam Shaft Alignment Tool (AH)


For use on Mercedes-Benz chain engines which codes start with 112 or 113 Includes right and left handed camshaft locking tools


Locking Tool Set - VW/Audi ;(aha)


Three engine timing tools for Volkswagen and Audi TDI PD engines. Includes tensioner locking tool, crankshaft setting tool and injection pump locking for Volkswagen Passat 1.9 and Audi A4/A6 1.9 engines. Includes Injection pump locking pin (OEM 3359/T20102), tensioner


Timing Pins - Renault engines [AHA]


rankshaft and camshaft timing pins for Renault 1.5 and 1.9 dCi engines fitted to Laguna, Kangoo and Clio models and popular with the Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi. and Mercedes Benz Citan


Tensioner Tool Set - VAG (6-20)


This kit brings together three of the most useful tensioner locking pins in one kit. These pins are used to lock serpentine belts and cambelts fitted to many of the VAG engines.


Tension Pre Setting Tool (AHC)


Enables correct pre-tensioning to be applied to the timing belt 3 interchangeable spacers OEM code MOT 1543 / KM 6234


Timing Tool Kit - BMW/Land Rover/GM .(ahc)


Specifically designed for the 2.5 TDS diesel engines used on BMW, Land Rover and Rove


TDC Indicator - Alfa Romeo (ahc)


Essential for measuring the cylinder position at TDC on multi-valve engines. The 2mm probe gives access to the piston face which is prohibited by the valve. Specifically required where no TDC marks are shown. OEM Ref 1 895 443 000. Use with Laser Part No. 2584 DTI (dial test indicator).


Timing Locking Tool Set - VAG [AHC]


Engine timing tool for Volkswagen/Audi with chain driven engines.


Camshaft Sprocket Holding Tool


The extending handle in the closed position allows the tool to be used in confined spaces or if more leverage is required.


Timing Tool Set - VAG (AHC)


Timing Tool Set for VAG 2.0Litre TDi PD DOHC engines fitted to Audi A3/A4/A5/A6, Skoda Octavia II and Volkswagen Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta and Touran models. Also found on the Ford Galaxy


Camshaft Sprocket Puller [ahc]


This camshaft sprocket pulley puller has been specifically designed for use on Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen Audi V6 and V8 engines with 4 and 6 cylinders with 5 or 6 spoke camshaft pulleys. The three types of pulling arms will fit any number of spokes on the Camshaft Sprocket; 23mm wide and 17mm narro


TDC Timing Pin - C099 TDC Timing Pin .(AHC)


A top dead centre timing pin for use across many petrol and diesel Renault models


Diesel Engine Timing Tool Kit Psa/Fia (AHC)


A small diesel locking kit specifically assembled to cover the 2.5/2.8 diesel engines found in the Citroën | Renault and Fiat ranges


Support Guide Set VAG (AHC)


With access tight in the engine bay VAG have designed the front end of certain vehicles to slide forward giving more room for cam belt and engine servicing, These tools are used through the front panel allowing the front end to be slid forward and held in the service position


Engine Timing Tool Set VAG 2.5 & 4.9 TDi (AHC)


An Engine Timing Tool Set for VAG 2.5/4.9D TDi. This kit is also suitable for use on Volkswagen Touareg and Transporter 2.5 TDi models with engine codes BAC / BLK / BPD / AXD / AXE / BLJ / BNZ / BPC (03- ) Also fits 4.9TDI models with engine code AYH (03-) These engines are gear driven but the


Timing Pin Set 2.7D (ahc)


This Timing Pin Set is suitable for Peugeot 2.7d and can be used with Laser 4273. Also covers additional applications including Citroen C6 and Peugeot 407 / Coupe 607 (2004-2008) with engine code DT17TED4 (UHZ). OEM codes for the new alignment pins are 0196C and 0195K.


PSA Master Kit / Master Engine Timing Tool Kit - PSA (AHC)


Typical Price: £509.30 exc VAT £611.16 inc VAT Recently updated, this kit covers most of the PSA range with all the tools required for the popular engines. New additions include coverage of the 2nd generation EW 16v engines and the 2.5/2.7/2.8 diesels


VAG Master Kit (AHC)


The most up to date, comprehensive timing tool kit for the latest Volkswagen Audi Group engines. Set includes Crankshaft Pulley Locking Tools for round (T10050)sprockets at 12oClock position and oval sprockets (T10100) at 1oClock position


Vauxhall/Opel Master Kit (aha)


The General Motors master kit has been compiled to offer the timing tools required for both petrol and diesel engines found in the GM range. Includes coverage of the latest Eco-tec engines (Z16/Z18 codes)


5166 Flywheel Locking Pins - BMW


Upgrade pins for Laser Part No 3577 OEM Ref 11 5 180 and 11 6 080 •Upgrade kit for laser kit 3577 •Application: Engine code 20 4D 4 on 2.0 4 cylinder diesel engines fitted to 1/3/ series/X3 •Engine ref E81/82/87/88/46/60/61/83/90/91/92/93/65/66/53/70/71/72 •Application: Engine code 30 6D 2/3/4/5


LARGE KIT Engine Timing Tool - VAG 2.5D (AHC)


Applications: Volkswagen Touareg and Transporter. Engine codes AXE | AXD | BAC | BLK | BLJ | BNZ | BPC | BPE | BPD. Supplied in metal storage case. 2.5 Tdi PD

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