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Engine Tool Kit For Honda, Mazda, Subaru, Daewoo (AHC)


This master kit covers a huge range of Japanese and Korean vehicles.

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Camshaft Alignment Tool Subaru 2.5 (AHC)


Camshaft alignment tool for 2.5 DOHC ( non turbo) engines. Manufactured from aluminium to original Subaru reference 499207300.


Camshaft Pulley Remover Installer for Subaru (AHC)


This tool is designed to prevent the camshaft pulley from rotating when releasing the fixing bolt. A torque of 30Nm is recommended and using an angle gauge a further 45 degrees


Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool For Subaru (AHC)


Required to allow the application of high torque for loosening and tightening the crank pulley fixings without disturbing the crank position - Flat handle Additional Information


Camshaft Holding Tool - Subaru 6pt x 60mm (AHC)


This tool is designed to remove and install the camshaft pulley on Subaru Impreza Single Hex x 60mm


Rear Axle Bush Extractor/Installer Subaru (E)


Rear axle bushes on Subaru Impreza. For installing or removing.