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Flywheel Locking Tool - Vauxhall 1.4/1.6 (aha)


A very simple tool used to lock the flywheel via the ring gear to allow the front pulley to be undone without putting unwanted loads on the camshaft locking tools


Engine Timing Set For GM V6 (E)


A set of timing tools for the V6 belt driven engine on 2.5/2.6/3.0 engines with raised edge on the tensioner pulley. Fitted to Vauxhall/Opel Vectra-B, Omega-B, Sintra, Calibra with engine codes X25XE, X30XE, Y26SE, Y32SE. Saab 9-5 3.0 V6 with engine code B308E (1998-2003)

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Camshaft Locking Tool - GM (AH)


This camshaft locking tool is specifically designed for use on Vauxhall | Opel | Saab 1.4/1.6 16v Ecotec belt driven engines