Renault Master Kit (AHC)


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 This tool kit has been introduced to upgrade the Laser 3786 to cover the most up to date engines including DCi

  • This kit is an update to 3786 and both need to be bought to cover the whole Renault range

  • OEM codes supplied

  • Full application list on CD

  • Covers petrol, diesel, belt and chain driven engines.

  • Tools in modular packaging for the Roller cabinet are also available Part NO 4973




Code OEM Toolcode Description
C037 MOT 1489 Crankshaft Locking Pin
C067 M6 x 30mm M6 Setscrew for adjusting Tensioner
C068 M8 x 70mm M8 x 70mm Setscrew
C097 MOT 910 Injection Pump Sprocket Timing Pin
C098 MOT 910 Crankshaft Timing Pin
C099 KM6031
MOT 1054
8mm Timing Pin
MOT 861
MOT 863
TDC Timing Pin
C100 MOT 1318 Crankshaft Timing Pin
C101 999-7122
MOT 1430
Camshaft/Crankshaft Timing Pin
C110 999-5451
MOT 1340
Crankshaft TDC Timing Pin
C111 MOT 1135 Tension Wrench
C112 MOT 1386 Tensioner Adjuster
C114 MOT 1348 Tensioning Tool
C116 MOT 1337
Camshaft Setting Tool
C117 MOT 1312 Tensioner Adjuster
C120 MOT 1496 Camshaft Setting Tool
C124 MOT 1384 Tensioner Spanner
C126 MOT 1490-01 Camshaft Pulley Alignment Tool
C179 MOT 1536
KM 6203
Crankshaft Alignment Pin
C180 6204
MOT 1537
KM 6204
Exhaust Camshaft Alignment Tool
C181 KM 6205
MOT 1534
Inlet Camshaft Alignment Tool
C182 MOT 1538 High Pressure Pump locking pin
C281 KM6234
MOT 1543
Tension Pre-setting Tool
C320 MOT1200-01
Injection pump locking tool
C326 MOT 1526 Camshaft Setting Bar
C403 MOT 1590-01
MOT 1590/01
MOT 1801
MOT 1509
Camshaft Sprocket Locking Tool
C404 MOT1705 Timing Belt Tensioning Cover No 4 




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