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102mm Reach x 110mm Spread Triple Leg Reversible Puller

Gear Puller - 6" 2 & 3 Leg Reversible (AHA)


Two sizes of gear puller with the option of 2 or 3 legs and capable of pulling internally or externally


Gear Puller Set 178mm (aha)


The jaws on this gear puller can be changed to operate with 2 or 3 jaws with internal or external pulling action. Simply unscrew the knurled screw cap to release spring and jaw cover, unhook the jaws and replace as necessary. Replace cover plate and tighten spring with knurled screw. Keep


250mm Pry Bar/Nail Puller (AHC)


Double-ended nail puller with crowfoot and chisel ends. Forged from good quality carbon steel hardened and tempered. Display packed.