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Injector Tools

Common Rail Diesel Injector Repair Kit 8pc (AH)


An essential kit for CR Diesel Injector repair

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Diesel Injector Socket/Window 1/2"D 22mm


For use on Nissan and Volkswagen •For use on Nissan and Volkswagen •Outside diameter 32mm •With window •Bi-Hex format •Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium


Diesel Injector Extractor with Air Hammer & Adaptors


Diesel extractor and air hammer supplied with Diesel Injector Adaptors and accessories for removing most diesel injectors

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4920 Diesel Injector Line Socket (G)


Diesel injector socket wrench set in 1/2"D for dismantling injector lines on most diesel engines. Sizes: 12 | 14 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19mm. 1/2"D For dismantling injector lines on most diesel engines. Sizes: 12 | 14 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19mm. Supplied in a storage box. T

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Diesel Injector Puller Set (ah)


This 3 piece diesel injector puller set comes complete with an extractor key for removing the inner partof the Bosch injectors * Suitable for removing the injectors without removing the cylinder head Mercedes benz sprinter -ML20 - E.CLASS - C.CLASS- Grand Cherokee2.7CRD manif. from 2000

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4044 Diesel Injector Puller (AH)


Saves time and money when injectors are difficult to remove Incorporating a slide hammer


Diesel Injector Extractor JLR 2.7/3.6 engines (AHA)


Diesel injector extractor for 2.7 V6/3.6 V8 and 3.0TDI CR engines fitted to Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar


Fuel Injection Pump Sprocket Locking Tool - Ford Transit (AHA)


Designed to allow the removal of the chain driven high pressure diesel injection pump without removing the timing chain or disturbing the engine timing. Designed to be used with Laser 6191 (to remove sprocket cover) and Laser 5825 pump sprocket puller.