Heavy Duty Riveter Kit (aha)

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We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.
Nose Cone for rivets (Part No. 0248)   Sleeve Seat 14mm (Part No. 0249)

Mandril For 4mm Nut Rivet From 3736 (Part No. 1118)  Mandril For 5mm Nut Rivet (Part No. 1121)

Mandril For 6mm Nut Rivet (Part No. 1123)   Mandril For 8mm Nut Rivet (Part No. 1124)

Mandril For 10mm Nut Rivet (Part No. 1125)   M5 Mandril (Part No. 2771)

M6 Mandril (Part No. 2772)  M8 Mandril (Part No. 2773)   M10 Mandril (Part No. 2774)

Spare Jaws For Riveter (Part No. 2806)   Mandril for 12mm Nut Rivet (Part No. 3864)  Head for 12mm Nut Rivet (Part No. 3865)   his comprehensive riveting kit converts from the standard riveter to a heavy duty nut riveter capable of handling up to 12mm and the male version of the Rivnut, the new Rivbolt. A professional tool for any situation where heavy duty riveting is required.

Additional Information

Unique tool for nut rivets and bolt rivets, supplied in blow mould case.

Spare mandrils, M12 sleeve seat and nut riveter sleeve seat available.

Extendable arms for extra leverage. 14 Heads

Handles: Stainless Steel rivets: 3.2 | 4 | 4.8 | 6.4mm, nut rivets: 4 | 5 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12mm, bolt rivets: 4 | 5 | 6 | 8mm.

Not suitable for M12 Stainless Steel RivNuts

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