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Engine Timing Tools - BMW / Rover [ahc)


This set enables the correct timing to be made when servicing the BMW M47 2.0 16 engines


Diesel Engine Timing Kit - BMW, Land Rover Vauxhall/Opel 1.8/2.5- Chain Drive (AH)


Diesel Engine Timing/Pump Removal Kit - BMW, Land Rover, Vauxhall/Opel - 1.7D, 2.5D Turbo - M41, M51 - Chain Drive


Petrol Engine Setting/Locking Kit - BMW N42/N46 - Chain Drive (AHA)


Suitable for setting and adjusting the timing on N42 and N46 engines with the Valvetronic system. Also includes tools to align the twin Vanos unit.


Engine Timing Tool BMW Mini 1.6 / psa 1.6 (ahc)


Also suitable for Citroën C4 and Peugeot 207/308 with engine codes EP6 DT/DTS.

£251.77 £196.78

Rear Camber & Trailing Arm Bush Kit - BMW


Part of the large range of Bush tools from Laser Tools •Rear lower control arm bush remover/installer •Applications BMW E87/E90/E93/M3 •Trailing arm Bush No 26643 •Supplied in a blow mould case with instructions and application list •Always grease the threaded bar before use - Bar is consumable


Fuel Sensor Lock Tool - BMW /BMW Min (AHA)


For BMW and Mini Cooper models (1988-2011). Required for access to the fuel filter An essential tool for removing the Fuel Level Sensor Lock Ring on BMW and BMW Mini.


Impact Diesel Injector Remover VAG


This specialist kit is designed primarily for removing tight diesel injectors from Volkswagen engines. Due to the build up of carbon the injectors can become seized and difficult to remove. The first step is to use an open ended spanner on the flat part of the injector body to turn and using gentle


5166 Flywheel Locking Pins - BMW


Upgrade pins for Laser Part No 3577 OEM Ref 11 5 180 and 11 6 080 •Upgrade kit for laser kit 3577 •Application: Engine code 20 4D 4 on 2.0 4 cylinder diesel engines fitted to 1/3/ series/X3 •Engine ref E81/82/87/88/46/60/61/83/90/91/92/93/65/66/53/70/71/72 •Application: Engine code 30 6D 2/3/4/5


Spark Plug Socket - 14mm 3/8"D (AHA)


Suitable for spark plugs with 12pt profile on BMW vehicles: 1 Series (E81/E87-N43B), 3 Series (E90-N43B) and 5 Series (E60-N43B)


Balance Shaft Alignment Tool - BMW B47/B48/N47 (AHA)


Designed to lock the balance shafts in the correct timed position during engine rebuild. Covers N47, B47 and B48 engines


BMW Assorted Trim Clips 290pc (AHA)


Assorted Box of Trim Clips for BMW 6 popular application clips Box Qty 290 pces.


Crankshaft Holding Tool - BMW (AHA)


Applications: BMW N47 and N57 1.6/2.0/3.0 Diesel Engines Equivalent to OEM 11 4 320 & 83 30 2 318 429 Use with Laser Part No 5196


Timing Chain Locking Kit PSA/BMW 1.4/1.6 Petrol (AHA)


Timing chain locking kit PSA/BMW 1.4/1.6 petrol covers N12/N13/N14/N18/EP3/EP6 engine codes